GCh.Grayceland's Verde Valley Vixen JH,NRD,V

beautiful and talented daughter of Payton and Babe

Vickie goes to the WCA Nationals in Oregon and completed her Novice Retrieving Rating with a perfect to hand, land and water retrieve at the age of 15 months

This very special girl is awarded her Versatility rating at the age of 20 months by the Weimaraner Club of America....

vickie jh.jpg
vickie champ.jpg
ELBOWS:   Normal

Planned breeding spring 2021

Vickie at 20 months old.....Achieved her Junior Hunt title with 4 nice consecutive runs with easy gentle mouth retrieves followed by her conformation Championship title the next weekend, finishing with (2) 5 point majors and started her Grand Championship with (2) back to back majors!!!  

GCh. Grayceland's Verde Valley Vixen


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Vickie finishes her Grand in style with all 5 point majors and Best of Breed and BOBOH at 2.5 years old and always owner handled exclusively! She has exceeded my dreams for her..….now tiime to be a mommy